open a store

Ok, so I have a store. Peachtree Street is described as a home decor boutique and you will often hear me refer to it as “The Shop.” With that being said, what can you expect when you visit?

Well, that is difficult to answer. Especially since I’m not open yet! I’m hoping that expectations can’t be nailed down to any one thing. I hope when you walk up to the shop it looks inviting. I hope to give a vibe of warm and cozy, happy and glamorously casual. I envision a place where you can buy unique pieces for your home (or for you) and where you know you can find that thoughtful gift.

The intent is to be constantly evolving, changing with the trends and wants of the community. I plan to have local spirit. Whether that is through people you know contributing to the offerings or items intentionally created for where we live. I pledge to highlight some of our youth in their artistic journeys and encourage those young people as much as I can.

I don’t have one particular style of decor that I plan to carry. Personally, I have varying tastes in pretty much everything. I like industrial paired with crystal and comfortable with elegant. Sometimes I prefer abstract and other times I’m straight up OCD with angles and alignment.

I plan to work with different designers and learn from the industry, that way I can stay current on trends and up and coming styles.

I suppose my point is that Peachtree Street will always be changing. You never know what you are going to find and what you saw last week, won’t necessarily be what you will find the next. I have a lot of plans for this little shop ‘o mine and my ideas will come to fruition over time. There are only so many hours in the day and I have to start somewhere…I guess you’ll just have to stop in often to see my latest additions and offerings!