Youth Spotlights

I often watch my children and gain inspiration from them. I love watching them grow and learn and find things that bring them joy. Then, I step back and see other kids who are just as spectacular, each in their own way. It’s amazing what you can see when you take the time and really appreciate what kids can accomplish.

Being a small business, I cannot make monetary contributions. Most people don’t realize just how tight of a budget the majority of small businesses operate on. Anyway, since I know I cannot give money, I still want to give back and support the youth in our community.

Every month, Peachtree Street will spotlight two high school students. One student will be a budding artist and the other will be someone who is deserving of recognition. I am working with teachers and counselors within the schools to be able to spotlight some extraordinary kids. Within the spotlights, you will learn who these young people are. We will feature them on the website and other social media platforms (with parental permission, of course) as well as being displayed at the Peachtree Street location. When you visit the shop, you may be able to see some of their artwork or accolades they have received. 

Personally, I’m extremely excited about this program. There are some crazy talented high schoolers out there and I cannot wait to do my part in celebrating some really great kids in our community.